Tanaka Chronicles Set to Rival 50 Shades of Grey Phenomenon


Tanaka Chronicles: Now available to buy online – the book explores the African Woman’s world and will no doubt rival the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.

Author Tracy Kadungure announced the release of “Tanaka Chronicles,” the first in a trilogy of the much anticipated erotic novel. The plot is loosely based around Tanaka, a young African woman who like many others, is raised with the mantra of “No Sex Before Marriage.” She is expected to follow in the footsteps of the women in her community who have lived the first half of their lives in preparation for marriage and taking care of the home. That is until she meets Fungai, the man that changes it all. It is due to her heartbreak that she finds her way to Europe and later America; all in search of closure and healing. Her journey is that of spiritual awakening, emotional growth and sexual realization with the significant people she meets along the way.

Tanaka Chronicles presents an extraordinary tale of “awakening the sexual goddess that exists in all women.” However, unlike typical erotica, the saga explores the African woman’s world and how she is raised to suppress her feelings and emotions. The book challenges the traditional ideology of the shy lover who seeks only to please her man and the conservative woman who seeks acceptance from society. In this way, Tanaka Chronicles encourages women to challenge every aspect of their lives and embrace complete freedom.

“I wanted to create a character that most women don’t get to be,” said Tracy Kadungure, Author of Tanaka Chronicles. The plot revolves around the modern day woman’s journey to self-realization.  “Being African l recognize that empowering women is an essential element to addressing poverty, hunger and lack of education,” said Tracy. She is a strong believer that no one is a product of their environment and each of us is charged with the power to achieve our deepest desires.

Tanaka Chronicles explores the growing sexuality of women today and is set to inspire and celebrate the modern day woman and whatever way she chooses to express herself. Enjoy a saucy read while helping in the journey towards women’s empowerment.

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Snippets from Tanaka Chronicles:

“He was tall and clean shaven with a well-placed broad nose, full kissable lips and hypnotic dark brown eyes. He had a muscular body that was honed from working on building sites humping bricks and mixing cement… Strong and masculine, he gave the air of a man who pursued, defended, conquered and ruled.”

“I wanted to connect with him. The surge of sexual desire slowly crept up like a wave making for the shore. I felt I would go crazy until he was inside me.”

“Slowly and deliciously, my tongue skimmed over his heated skin. I dipped my tongue into his belly button and licked. By now I could smell him. I could smell his masculine scent as I went down his legs, kissing the inside of his thighs… he shook and trembled”

“On that night, he slips her top off, exposing her supple breasts. He sucks and works rapid circles with his mouth. Her nipples are engulfed by the heat and wetness… she allows herself to enjoy it.”

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