Expert Speaks Up about the Beer Drinking Mother Arrested for Breastfeeding


Loretta Anderson, an Australian midwife and lactation consultant, speaks out about the Arkansas mother who was arrested for breastfeeding while drinking alcohol.

In the wake of the controversial story about Arkansas mother publicly arrested for breastfeeding her 6 month old while consuming alcohol in a restaurant, dedicated lactation consultant, registered nurse and midwife, Loretta Anderson raises her concerns about the lack of awareness of healthy responsible breastfeeding.

The story was that Tasha Adams nursed her 6-month-old baby while she and her parents ate some pizza, and drank beers.  A concerned off duty waitress called the police and Adams was jailed and charged with child endangerment.

That same waitress has since been fired and the charges against Adams dropped, but the key message that ignited Anderson’s surprise about this event was that the nursing mother stated “I didn’t know it was illegal, if I’d known it was illegal, I wouldn’t have done it.”

“Being illegal or not and getting arrested or not is not the main concern here!” Anderson exclaims “This event simply triggers the obvious need for more education on how breastfeeding will fit into our lifestyle, including the intake of alcohol” she goes on to say “but mothers need to be aware of how much they are drinking and time their feeds accordingly.”

Breast milk is made from blood and therefore alcohol is excreted into breastmilk as it is into the blood stream.  The amount of alcohol in your blood is the amount of alcohol in your milk.  Alcohol will be in your breastmilk 30-60 minutes after your start drinking.  As the breastmilk is filtered constantly it is excreted from the milk.  As a general rule, it takes 2 hours for an average woman to metabolise the alcohol from 1 standard drink and therefore 4 hours for 2 and so on.   Alcohol is not stored in your milk just as it doesn’t remain in your blood.

Being a mother is not only practical but involves a massive mind shift.  80% of Anderson’s clients benefit from just talking with a professional who can identify with them.  This coupled with common sense knowledge to fit an individuals lifestyle is the key to happy mothers and babies.

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