Cancer Patient Convinced Drinking Breast Milk Daily Helps

Lactation consultant, Jenny Jones,  diagnosed with multiple myeloma, or bone marrow cancer instinctively knew that the healing qualities of breast milk would assist her treatment of the disease.

When Mrs Jones, 64, was first diagnosed in December 2011, her cancer levels were “dramatic”. But after just a month of daily doses of donated breast milk her levels reduced significantly.

While the unusual treatment has not been prescribed by her doctor, her decision has been supported by doctors at John Flynn Private Hospital and the Mater Hospital in Brisbane where she is treated.

Mrs Jones has also undergone a stem cell transplant and oral chemotherapy and doctors cannot believe how healthy she has been throughout the whole process.  “I am 100% convinced it is the breastmilk” claims Mrs Jones, a former midwife who worked as a lactation consultant at John Flynn Hospital for 14 years.

As the co-founder of the Mothers Milk Bank, a charity which receives donor breast milk that is pasteurised, tested, frozen and sent out to hospitals for premature babies that dont have access to their own Mother’s Milk, Mrs Jones was fortunate enough to access donor breastmilk and immediately started drinking 400 ml each day.  “I’d never tasted it and never wanted to, but once I had this big thing happen in my life, I just threw it down because I believe in it,” Mrs Jones said “and now this miracle food that has literally saved hundreds of babies lives and is saving mine too.”

Breast milk has been proven to help build immunity in newborn babies and is a unique nutritional source that cannot adequately be replaced by any other food. In 2010 researchers in Sweden published a study that showed breast milk could kill cancer cells.

Over two years later, the mother-of-four is still drinking 2 bottles a day as she caravan travels around Australia with her partner.

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4 Comments on “Cancer Patient Convinced Drinking Breast Milk Daily Helps

  1. She’s on to something. It makes all the sense in the world. Just Google “what’s in breast milk poster” and look at all of the ingredients in breast milk listed by the students in Waterloo University: hundreds! It’s very healing to the infant gut and stimulates the immune system. Plus, if it tastes as good as the drop of my own milk did 30 years ago, it would be easy to drink! It was incredibly sweet! Good luck in your journey to health!

    • It’s mind boggling to think that the medical world really did believe that formula was ‘as good’ as breast milk. Some things in nature just cannot be replicated chemically!

  2. If my breastmilk wasn’t dryed up I would donate all I have to cause

    • The intention has as much effect Kathryn! Thank you for commenting – I’m sure the more we talk about breast milk and donating, the more we can inspire mothers to make donations.

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