A Brand Has No Worth without an Authentic Story Behind it

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While many marketing firms are riding the wave of awareness around the importance of storytelling, Kimberly Simon, a London based PR, Marketing & Event Manager, points out that the focus must be on authenticity of the story.

Over the last 3 years news articles, blog posts, books and TED talks have all been citing the importance of  storytelling almost as if it is a so-called new wave of marketing.  Yet brand creatives, PR consultants and  marketing leaders like Kimberly Simon, know that the key to truly effective Brand awareness actually lies in ‘authentic’ storytelling.

As human beings we are entertained and often amazed at great stories.  But we also have an in-built BS radar that tells us when the tale is not true.  “This is not to take away from all the highly creative copywriters and marketers who have the inate talent to ‘spin’ a particular story to make it more appealing, and in some cases even newsworthy” says Simon, “our responsibility is to be more aware of just how tuned in our client audiences really are, and provide them with honest stories of how or why these brands started.”

Gone are the days of throwing in a ‘set of steak knives’ to convince people to buy a product.  With the planet evolving into a high tech, fast paced world, many of us are relying on that internal BS detector and following our feeling about our brand choices.

“A Company no matter what size, is always started by a person, or group of people, which means there is a story that can be told about how they developed their mission statement and unique proposition to the marketplace.  And this story needs to be told authentically.”

Simon goes on to say that companies, products and brands need to remember that consumers are people and that a basic human need is a sense of belonging.  “Seth Godin states that at a core level we all want to be part of a Tribe, and if that tribe is a community of avid users, buyers and recommenders, then brands need to acknowledge that and give people what they want.”

The marketing world is in shake up mode and the execs and professionals that can convince their clients, be it small or large, to have the courage to stand and tell their stories with honesty and integrity rather than sticking to the former embellished strategies, will triumph.

To connect with Kimberly visit:  www.MeetKimberlyM.com

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