How Can We Help You?

So you liked the name of our email address did you?  Thought you’d come and suss out what we do?

Welcome to virtual home of Nat & Jodie!

Seeing as we have no fixed home in the 3D reality – this little page works like our virtual mailbox.  From this page you can navigate through the following links to our digital publications and social media profiles.

If we don’t respond to you immediately through social media, don’t worry, it will happen in time.  Acutally, to be sure of a faster connection – hook up with Nat first, Jodie is slightly ‘over’ social media having been teaching people how to use it since 2008, she’s a little bored with it (yes, that is a sympton of A.D.H.D.).

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We are also helping our magazine app developers get their name out so if you have any interest in publishing your own magazine CLICK HERE to watch our short video overview of why we chose to play this game.